Monday, 5 August 2013

Show quilt results

After yesterdays' mega-post I decided a shorter, separate post is in order for the results....

It got shown!

I'm probably silly to get excited about that because it is likely that everything submitted gets shown but nonetheless I was excited to see it hanging up on display.

Marble Man hanging under plastic at the show
(Blogger is not letting me post the rotated image grr!
Tilt your head to the right to see quilt as it was hanging)

No prizes (I wasn't expecting any) but when I picked the quilt up attached to it were the judges comments. Having never done this craft/quilt show thing before I didn't realise that I'd get this sort of feedback.

Contrary to my expectations there are some really encouraging comments from the judges. Pretty good for only my second ever quilt I think.

Judges comments - Marble Man 2013
Basically I think it means the judges really liked the design concept but I need to improve on my technique. Some of the things the judges criticised or offered feedback on are things that I was already aware of like the tension balance (probably made more noticeable because I used different coloured top and bottom threads for the quilting) and others are things that I didn't know were required for a show entry (lap quilts must be hand-bound with invisible slip hem stitching??). In most cases the comments give suggestions on things that I can definitely work on for future quilts.

Overall I'm exceptionally happy with how things turned out, so much so that I'm already throwing around ideas for my next one.


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