Sunday, 22 September 2013


Lets get back into some clothes sewing. It's not Halloween yet (not that we actually celebrate Halloween in our household) but it is costume time again!

This week the monster's school will be holding their "Festival of Stories" and the children are being asked to dress up as their favourite character  from the book they are studying in class.  I love that they have specified the class study book this time around - previous years it has been open to whatever their favourite character is from any book. With the monster being as indecisive as me it becomes a drama just choosing who she will go as.

The class is currently reading the C.S.Lewis novel "The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe" and the monster has nominated Lucy Pevensie, the youngest of the siblings, as her favourite character (I was dreading that she would choose Aslan or Mr Tumnus!).
Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie
wearing the inspiration
coronation outfit.

After looking through some images from the 2005 movie adaptation of the novel together we've decided on Lucy's coronation outfit.

It should be a relatively simple project - a fairly plain, pale blue long dress embellished with some jewels and a red cloak with gold stenciling.

This project has given me an excuse to visit Spotlight for some supplies and now I think I'm ready to make a start. Living in the tropics as we do I won't be using heavy velvet for this dress but I think the fabric I've chosen will still work reasonably well and give the look we're after.

I haven't found a pattern for the dress that seems exactly right so I'm going to try to draft my own and then make a muslin before attempting the actual costume. I'm using a tutorial from ikat bag for the body sizing and the monster has been very patient standing still for almost an hour as I took all the various measurements.

Now its time to draw it up and get sewing. Watch out for more progress on this costume over the next few days.

Have fun