Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lucy Pevensie - the costume finished

This blog was started, in part, in an attempt to keep me focused on finishing projects... I'm getting the projects finished, but not getting the blog posts finalised. D'oh that's not how it was supposed to work!

Lets get this one published so there is one less project on my "yet to be blogged" list.

The monster's school festival of stories really well and the costume came together beautifully.

Drawing the pattern for the dress.
Yes - my kitchen bench is my sewing work space.
The banana cake you can see cooling here was
really yummy :)
I used a lightweight pale blue corduroy for the bodice and skirt of the dress and almost identical colour satin and some other gauzy material (can't remember what the label said it was) for the sleeves.

Making the muslin for the dress was a great idea and really helped me to get the sizing right (except for the sleeves - I really struggled with them and they ended up being a bit wonky but they were mostly hidden under the cloak anyway so no biggie.).

Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie
wearing the inspiration
coronation outfit.
The cloak I made with a red velveteen fabric, lined with more of the pale blue satin. There was no way I was going to be able to find a suitable cloak fabric with a similar pattern to what Lucy has so on the outside of the cloak I just used gold fabric paint and a stencil. I also, despite searching craft and dollar stores, couldn't find a suitable gold medallion closure for the cloak so we used gold rope and tied a simple bow.

Overall even though it's not exactly accurate I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

More importantly, the monster was thrilled with her costume, even when the best costume award (to be honest I had no idea they intended to give awards) went to one of her classmates who arrived for the parade dressed in a large cardboard box; she came as the wardrobe! personally I thought it was a rather clever costume choice, but the monster just kept saying "But mum... it's a box! She was wearing a cardboard box!". Oh well... another life lesson for the monster... the important part of the whole exercise was getting her to read the book and ending up with a costume that she was happy with, not to win awards.

Grr! another sideways image! Darn blogger!
The finished costume on the monster as she headed off to school
(Ignore the hideous blue and yellow pokemon bag -
that's not part of the costume! )