Assorted patterns

Happy Little Mushrooms

Pattern Size: 5 inch finished block.

If using as a single block for mug rugs, coasters or similar I suggest adding a 1⁄2 to 1 inch wide sashing on all 4 sides before quilting and binding. This will affect the finished size so please take that into account when planning your project.

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Pattern Link: Happy Little Mushrooms

The War Doctor (Doctor 8.5)

Pattern Size: Designed for 10 inch block
(I suggest hooping a larger piece of fabric and squaring up to 10.5 inches when complete.)

Pattern Link: War Doctor

George Michael

Pattern Size: 15 inch finished block
Pattern Link: Best of George Michael

Designed by me and tested by Anita Lynn

Designed  for the George Michael Tribute (January 2017).

Inspired by Album Cover "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael"

Carrie Fisher's Prozac Urn

Pattern Size: 5 inch finished block
Pattern Link: Carrie Fisher's Prozac Urn

Designed  for the  Carrie Fisher Tribute (January 2017).

Inspired by the antique ceramic Prozac pill that was used as an urn for her ashes -  it was one of Carrie Fisher's prized possessions in life.

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