A bit about me

Hi and welcome

I'm Karen, a 30-something camera-shy mum of one living in tropical Darwin Australia.

I'm a self-taught knitter, sewer and quilter who enjoys trying new things and seeing what happens. Be warned though, I'm not particularly imaginative - I spend lots of time browsing the web and can see something, be inspired and sometimes recreate it in my own way, but coming up with my own stuff that actually works out as I envision it is not one of my strong points so there are often spectacular failures mixed in with the occasional triumphs.

If you're happy to follow along my random musings then you're welcome to join me for the journey as I try and post my inspirations and works in progress as well as my triumphs, my failures and more than likely a whole heap of unrelated disjointed rambling. I can't promise that my posts will be particularly regular, well written or even relevant all the time, but I am going to try.

P.S. I love reading your comments, feedback and ideas, they really keep me inspired to continue with this blog (which sometimes feels more like a diary) so keep them coming and I'll try to respond to them as much as possible