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A place for me to keep and share some of the patterns I've designed.

With the number of published patterns growing I have had to move them to separate pages. I've tried grouping them into subject / theme. There are of course some that don't fit neatly into any of the other groups - those patterns are lumped together under the catch-all "assorted" title.

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Finished patterns to download

Goblin King, A Labyrinth Quilt & Stitch Along was a collaborative event hosted on Fandom in Stitches by Jennifer Ofenstein in 2017.

I designed a series of character blocks for the event. You can check out all of my patterns here.

For all other patterns from this event visit

Patterns Ready for testing

Patterns here have not been finalised. They are at testing stage and may contain errors. 

If you choose to make any of the patterns below, please let me know via email to if you do find any errors or areas for improvement.

Don't forget to also send me pics - I'd love to see how they go. Thanks.  K

Paper-Pieced with Hand Embroidery

ANZAC: Dawn Service

Pattern Size: 20 x 14.5 inch finished block size
Pattern Link: ANZAC: Dawn Service

Designed  for ANZAC Day 2017
(25 April 2017).

Inspired by an image of a lone bugler at an ANZAC Cove / Gallipoli Dawn Service .