Sunday, 11 May 2014

Laptop Bag - Part 1

Over a year ago I replaced my old laptop after it decided it just wasn't going to turn on anymore. Unfortunately the new computer is a different size and doesn't quite fit in the carry bag used with the previous one. It's probably a good thing that my laptop doesn't go on too many outings because after more than a year I still haven't gotten around to getting a new bag.

I'm about to start studying again this week and I'll need to take my laptop with me to classes so that absence of appropriate carry bag needs to change and quick smart. I've looked around for a reasonably priced off-the-shelf bag but none of them are the right dimensions or the right style for me and my computer.

Solution:  Custom made!

I want an actual bag (rather than just a protective sleeve) so I can carry all the miscellaneous bits and pieces I will need all in one bag - the computer itself, the charger, the mouse as well as some papers, books or folder and my purse, phone, keys etc. 

I've been trawling the net for patterns and inspiration but as usual when i have something particular in mind none of the available patterns seem exactly right so I'm designing my own.

The basic requirements for the bag are:
  1. Actually fit the laptop (duh!) - The laptop when closed is 28cm long x 41cm wide x 3.5cm high - the design will need to be based round these dimensions.
  2. Have multiple, separate spaces to keep everything in its place and organised.
  3. provide some padding and protection to the computer
  4. Be easy to carry - I think either a backpack or messenger/satchel style will probably be most functional.
  5. Be reasonably stylish - so many of the off-the-shelf bags are so very utilitarian and boring. I want something a bit different.
I've put some of my ideas down on paper and drafted a basic design for the interior of the bag and I've chosen the materials I'm going to use so now I need to bite the bullet and actually start cutting  the materials and see what happens.

The rough design for the interior 
2x dividers plus large elasticised pocket.
I'll probably add a couple of smaller pockets as I'm going as well.

Materials for the exterior
Faux leather in black, white and silver and a grey and silver patterned
home decorating fabric with a small amount of shimmer to it (I love that fabric)

Materials for the interior of the bag
The cream fabric is super soft and will help to protect the actual laptop section,
the grey chevron fabric will form the majority of the interior and I'll probably
use a little bit of the royal purple as an accent for a pop of colour.

Watch out for Part 2 coming soon.


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