Friday, 10 August 2018

Cosplay Sewing 2018 - Lily Hoshina

My monster is planning to attend a con at the end of September and she has decided to cosplay Lily Hoshina from "B: The Beginning" for the event.

I've never seen the series and know nothing about it so she sent me some pics of the character so I can help her put together the costume.

I'm so pleased that the character and costume she's chosen appears be relatively simple to recreate - no elaborate foam crafting or makeup skills required.

She's on a pretty tight budget to put this costume together so a real leather jacket is out of the question but I think I've found a pattern for a reasonable facsimile of the jacket (with a few minor modifications).

The pattern I've settled on is  Jacket Pattern 4305 by Lekala sewing patterns.

Jacket Pattern 4305 by Lekala sewing patterns (image source:

I think with the addition of patch pockets on the bust it should work for the cosplay.

Now to tackle the actual making of what is possibly the most complex garment construction project I've ever taken on. 

This one definitely warrants making a trial version before cutting into the more expensive pleather (or whatever I end up finding/buying for the real version) so I'm off to the fabric store.

I'll keep you updated on how this one comes together. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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