Saturday, 23 February 2013

My first ever blog post

OK so I've thought about doing this for a while but I've only now taken the plunge and actually created a blog, named it, chosen a template etc.

So why a blog and why now you ask?
Well while I want to be able to see that my efforts at whatever I do in life are making a positive impact in some way I'm not a particularly motivated person, in fact I'm really quite lazy. But occasionally I go through stages where I feel like I want to get all creative and actually do something productive - I'm in one of those stages now, in a crafty form (other times its been web design,  cooking, gardening, home improvements or other random pursuits).

I've spent lots of time over the last few months googling crafty projects, bookmarking them, getting inspired and making plans. I've even spent a bit of time actually doing some of those things. Some of my creations have worked out and some haven't been so successful. I have a tendency to get hyper-motivated at the start of a project and then partway through drop it because its not going quite how I planned, or its taking longer than I imagined it would, or I just get bored (lazy) and couldn't be bothered with finishing it.

This blog will hopefully be a way of documenting my creative process from inspiration to finished product and working through any issues that I come across during the project; but most importantly, I'm hoping that by committing to blogging these things I will maintain the momentum and follow through to completion a few more of my projects.

I'll admit right fron the start that I'm not particularly imaginative - I can see something, be inspired and sometimes recreate it in my own way, but coming up with my own stuff that actually works out as I envision it is not one of my strong points.

If you're happy to follow along my random musings then you're welcome to join me for the journey as I try and post my inspirations and works in progress as well as my triumphs, my failures and more than likely a whole heap of unrelated disjointed rambling. I can't promise that my posts will be particularly regular, well written or even relevant all the time, but I am going to try.

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