Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wallet - Part 1

The other half is desperately in need of a new wallet and I'd like to give making one a go.

The problem is that his wallet holds more stuff than my entire handbag at the moment (I'm going through a minimalist stage with my bag so there is almost nothing in there - weird I know!). To be honest a man-bag would probably be a good idea considering the amount of 'stuff' he carries in his wallet and pockets, but he just won't go there. He still wants something small enough to fit in his pocket.

I found a few possible patterns and tutorials last night but none that seem exactly right for him so I'm thinking that I might try taking the best parts of those that I've seen so far, mashing all those ideas together and try to come up with my own pattern.

Be warned - I did say right from the start of this blog that I'm not great at creating from scratch - this has the potential to be a complete disaster but I'm hoping the power of positive thinking will be enough to get me through.

I did make a heap of little notepad wallets for the monster's teachers and school staff last year (using a pattern and online tutorial) so I'm relatively comfortable with the construction of a very basic wallet.

I've been playing around with newspaper and a ruler this evening trying to nut it out and draw out a pattern. I think I've got my head around how to get card pockets sized, pleated and sewn appropriately and I can probably even  work out how to create a separate full width section for notes.

The bits I'm stuck on at the moment are:
  • how to make a clear window section for his licence - not so much the material to use, but how to cut a suitable pattern piece and how to finish the edges so the fabric surrounds don't look rough and frayed
  • how/where to add a zipped or velcro section that he can put coins in without it getting too thick and clumsy.
No pics tonight.. there's nothing to see yet other than a few bits of newspaper with scribbles and scrawls all over them.

Any brilliant ideas you readers have would be greatly appreciated. :)


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