Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wallet - Part 2:

I've spent even more time looking at various tutorials and patterns and I have managed to narrow down the requirements for the wallet:
  1. Must be small enough to fit in his pocket so it will need to be not much longer or taller (when unfolded) than a bank note.
  2. Should have at least 8 card pockets
  3. Must have a clear pocket for ID
  4. Must have a relatively large zippered section for his coins
The problem is still that none of the patterns or tutes I've found exactly match those requirements.

Fabric wallet exterior from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard
I like the simple patterning on the outside of this wallet - straight lines of different coloured threads. It gives an otherwise plain wallet a bit of personality, and its so easy to do. Sadly, the rest of the tutorial doesn't really meet my needs. 

Tri-fold wallet from Color Me Pretty.

This tri-fold wallet from Color Me Pretty caught my eye.  I particularly like that the notes pocket is slightly recessed so there is less chance that notes will extend past the outer edge of the wallet if they are put in crooked.

On the down side this design doesn't hold enough cards and has no ID card pocket.  I'm also beginning to wonder if the tri-fold design will get a bit too bulky to close properly once its filled with all his "stuff".

Bi-fold wallet from Modest Maven 

The bi-fold wallet from Modest Maven also grabbed my attention.

The Modest Maven pattern appears to be a pretty popular one - it has been used by many other crafters as the basis of their own wallet designs.

I like that it only folds in half so it probably wouldn't be as bulky as a tri-fold, it has lots of card pockets that all face inwards to the fold rather than upwards (there is less chance that his cards will accidentally fall out and be lost) and I really like the look of the tab closure rather than a full width velcro fold over closure. On the down side there is nowhere to put coins or ID cards.

So at the moment I'm thinking that the plan is to :
  • take the basic bi-fold with tab closure construction of the Modest Maven (with some sort of modification to the card section to include an ID window),  
  • add a few more card pockets
  • use the recessed note section from the Color Me Pretty tri-fold,
  • add an extra notes pocket with a zipper along the top for his coins, 
  • use velcro rather than a snap closure on the tab so there is room for expansion as his wallet fills up
  • personalise the outside of the wallet with some interesting stitching.
Just writing this post has really helped me get my head around what I want to do and now I'm itching to get cutting and sewing so I feel like I'm actually making some progress on this project rather than just spending hours on the net.


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