Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wallet - Part 3: Frankenstein

Introducing the Frankenstein Wallet... so named because his pattern is made up of parts from various others patterns and tutorials, he's a little bit crooked and he's really not very pretty. But I guess for a first attempt its not too bad.

The exterior

Inside pockets
I like that he's got all the practical features I was wanting to incorporate - the clear ID card window, lots of card pockets, zippered coin section, tab closure. I'm also really happy with how the different shades of blue decorative stitching worked out on the outside.

The things I don't love so much are:
  • Its  too bulky - even with nothing in it its about an inch thick and just a bit too long and wide, even when folded.
  • Its generally crooked - there is not a single square corner and when unfolded one end is noticeably shorter than the other (Not sure how that happened - I even squared it all up and trimmed it before putting the last layer on and turning it!)
  • The zip pocket - the zipper and surrounding stitching is really crooked and already the zip itself has decided that it doesn't want to close.
  • The grey camo lining of the notes section - its wrinkled and crooked - I originally placed the 2 pocket sections too far apart on the lining and rather than unstitching the pockets and moving them closer together I cut the lining in the centre and stitched it back together - big mistake it looks nasty.
  • The top stitching - looks clumsy and crooked all round - probably something to do with how thick the seams are with all the layers of fabric and the fact that I have a hard time sewing straight lines at the best of times.
  • Pocket under the ID window - I thought it looked a bit too wide for a single card so I stitched down the middle thinking that I could fit 2 cards in there on the opposite axis. Not such a great idea - the smaller pockets are now too narrow to be used for cards.
 So I know where I went wrong, but do I have the energy to try version 2.0 to see if I can improve on this monstrosity?

Not tonight. Time for dinner and an early night, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.


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