Saturday, 30 August 2014

Colour inspiration

I was pretty happy with the blue and white colour scheme in my bathroom pre-renovation.  The blue theme was an extension of the colour palette used throughout the rest of the house - pale blue walls, dark teal door trims, white ceiling and cornice and cream skirting boards (we won't mention the odd olive green colour of the doors - it doesn't go with anything but we've put up with it until now).

Existing colour scheme for most of the house:
Pale blue walls, teal door frames and trim, cream skirting and white ceiling

That colour combination has been okay up until now but with the recent bathroom renovation came a new colour scheme in that room and its made me re-think the colours for the rest of the house.

New bathroom = new colour scheme for the whole house?

I do still need to paint the new bathroom door ASAP and I intend to get some "bullet proof" grey gloss on the door this weekend which I think will work well with the pale grey and silver in the bathroom. I was also thinking that a darker charcoal grey/almost black for the door trims (instead of the teal) would finish it all off nicely so that will happen over the next few days as well.

But of course I can't just paint one door and frame and leave the rest as-is; that would just look silly so I'll be changing to charcoal trims and bulletproof grey on all the doors and frames throughout the house.

New colour scheme in bathroom - to carry through the rest of the house?
Snow Storm grey walls, charcoal grey door frames and trim, bulletproof grey doors, white ceiling

I really do like the new colours in the bathroom, somehow it makes it look and feel more luxurious than it actually is but would it look OK if I were to take that colour palette and use it throughout the rest of the house? The floor tiles through most of the house are a pale mottled grey, and none of my existing furniture and fittings would clash with such a neutral colour scheme so it should work, but I'm still not 100% sure.

Decisions, decisions...

So I'm definite that  I need to change the door and door frame colours through the house, but for the walls and other trims do I use the same colours as the bathroom or do I choose something completely different, and if so, what?

I'm pretty sure that the bathroom scheme would work in the rest of the house but there are still those couple of questions:

  1. Do I really want the same super pale, almost white, snow storm grey on all of the walls in the house?
    I definitely want something reasonably pale and bright, but will that particular colour be just too pale and show up all the grime from everyday wear and tear too easily? (it works in the bathroom because the painted walls are generally higher with heavy wear areas on the lower parts of the walls being tiled)
  2. What do I do with the skirting boards? Gloss white would be an obvious choice carrying through from the while tiles in the bathroom and reflecting the ceiling and cornice but white would show up dust, floor grime and every little scuff mark.
    Would a dark color on the skirting boards look odd? perhaps I could use the same colour as the doors or door trims?

What would you suggest that I do with the walls and skirting boards in the rest of the house? Let me know in the comments.

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