Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The bathroom of nightmares is no more!

Has it really been more than 2 months since I last posted? How time flies! So much going on and even though some of it has been blog-worthy I just haven't found the time.

Lots of goings on in our household, with the biggest being that our bathroom has finally been re-done properly after a disastrous insurance repair job more than 18 months ago.

For those of you not familiar with the saga... super quick summary... burst water pipe = flooded house & insurance claim to locate leak, repair and reinstate the bathroom. First repair job done so badly that it needed to be entirely re-done...and now almost 2 years later its finally over!

I've promised people pictures so here they are.

The before (and during) pics

Trying to work out where all the water is coming from...
"Maybe there's a pipe broken under the bath?" 
"Or perhaps its actually in the floor slab! "
"Hmm we'll need to wreck all the tiles around the bath, rip out the wall lining and dig
through the floor to get to that. But its OK because we'll fix it all back up just the way it was."

"We'll make sure everything is completely safe while we're working"
(yes that is live electrical wires strung across the bathroom at head height
and tied to the shower rose. And yes, the mains water was still switched on at this point.)
"We'll find new tiles that are similar to the
original ones and patch that nasty hole in the floor.
See? you can barely notice the difference in color and texture"

"You like sharp, sticking out corners right where you could
take chunks out of your shins/eyes/forehead
when you slip on the wet bathroom floor don't you? "
"What do you mean its not straight?
Aren't all baths supposed to have a gap at one corner?
How else are the creepy crawlies going to get in and out from under the bath?"
For some reason the insurance assessor was a bit put out when we insisted it wasn't good enough and that we didn't want those contractors back to try and sort it out. So after much back and forth, waiting, expert reports, quotes, waiting, arguing, more expert reports and several dragon-lady appearances during this time it was finally conceded that perhaps it wasn't good enough and needed to be re-done.

The after pics 

We've had GSK Patrick Builders here for the last few weeks and they have been fantastic. A completely different (and 1000% better) experience compared to dealing with the previous contractors. They've been helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and the quality of work has been marvelous.

First we had to go back to a bare concrete shell of a room.
But after just a couple of  weeks its all done and that is just a memory. I'm so thrilled with how the room looks now that its become my favourite room. See for yourself.

New shower including glass screen and tiling
I love those accent tiles, photos just don't do them justice.
Deliberate choice of a fairly neutral colour scheme
so I can jazz it up with any colour accessories.
Dark grey floor, gloss white wall tiles with
pale grey paint and chrome trims
Another shot of the shower
Those mosaic tiles are actually silver, mirrored glass tiles
with occasional textured silver in the mix
grey, white and chrome
Bath taps! after almost 2 years with no taps
on the bath it seems weird to finally have them back
Perfectly sized ledge for a glass of wine or scented candle
to complement a relaxing bath
More gloss white and chrome

A lot of time and angst to get to this point, but so very worth it in the end. 


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  1. Looks great! You must be so relieved to have it finished!