Sunday, 29 January 2017

More fandom patterns: Tributes

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to seeing my work being posted or sewn by others - I know I design the patterns, or stitch things up and put them out there for that express purpose, but even so it still makes me do a pleasant double-take every time it happens.

Even receiving pics of my patterns being put together by the wonderful people that volunteer to test them surprises me and makes me super happy (and I know that those pics are coming!).

With the death of John Hurt a few days ago, it was sort of inevitable that my embroidered version of the "War Doctor" made a reappearance but I still wasn't prepared for the pic to show up in my social media again.

John Hurt: The War Doctor
by Karen McGuigan
10" Embroidery

Today it's the Fandom In Stitches 2016 tribute post - remembering some of the icons that we lost last year. Originally planned to be a Carrie Fisher and George Michael tribute, it got extended to be a more general 2016 tribute. There are some amazing patterns in there paying tribute to not just Fisher and Michael, but also Prince, David Bowie, Anton Yelchin, and Alan Rickman.

In the mix are three of my patterns:

Best of George Michael
In Memory of George Michael
by Karen McGuigan and tested by Anita Lynn
15" paper pieced with embroidered details
Inspired by Album Cover "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael"
Leia with Blaster
In Memory of Carrie Fisher
by Karen McGuigan tested by Sue Garcia
10" paper pieced
Inspired by a Star Wars promo pic.

Carrie Fisher's Prozac Urn
In Memory of Carrie Fisher
by Karen McGuigan
5" paper pieced & embroidered
Inspired by the antique ceramic Prozac pill that was used as an urn for her ashes -
it was one of Carrie Fisher's prized possessions in life.

All of the patterns above are available on or over on My Patterns page.

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