Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pinned - fighting or feeding the Pinterest addiction?

I've become such a Pinterest addict over the last few months its bordering on ridiculous. I've gone from not even having heard of the site at Christmas to having 12 boards and over 2000 "pins" (check out all my boards and pins here). I could easily lose a weekend scrolling through images dreaming and scheming (with a few laughs and some drooling at pretty boys thrown in for good measure - it can't always be crafting and cooking and homey stuff!).

So I don't feel like a complete addict wasting all of my time on the silly site, I've decided to actually put some of those 2000+ pins to use - try some stuff, make some stuff, generally do something more active than just look. It could be said that its just an excuse to keep browsing the site day after day, but whatever, I'm having fun at the moment just trying stuff out.

So what have I been up to so far you ask?

Well, there was the baked oatmeal casserole that I mentioned in an earlier post.
This is what the pinned image looked like:

And this is how mine turned out (after the custard pouring and cooking obviously):
It was sooo yummy and the smell while it was cooking was just divine - cinnamon and sweet - it was making me so hungry I couldn't wait to try it as soon as it came out of the oven.
A definite win!

Then there was the lemon sugar scrub, billed as giving you "Super Silky Summer Legs".
I really wasn't sure about this one as I mixed it up. How could anything so simple (its only got 3 ingredients)  and obviously foodstuff have this magical effect of making my super dry, nasty legs silky and summery? Well I was definitely proven wrong. My legs felt awesome after using this - it exfoliated so well and made my skin feel so nice that I ended up using it all over - legs, arms, face.

There were a couple of really minor downsides to this one:
  1. The bathroom ended up kind of oily, its impossible not to slop this goopy stuff around when you're scrubbing this all over yourself. Even followed with a bit of a wipe with soapy cleany stuff  and a scalding hot water rinse down the shower walls and floor still felt a tiny bit oily - really it was barely noticeable, but I was warning everyone else in the house for the next 2 days to be very careful not to slip when they showered .
  2. Although my skin felt wonderfully smooth and moisturised I felt like every time I got even slightly heated (pretty much any time I stepped out of the air-conditioning here in the tropics) that my pores, especially my legs, were oozing olive oil - they weren't, but it felt like they were.
Even with the downsides, the benefits of this one outweigh the negatives for me. I might use a bit less olive oil next time and be more careful not to slop so much around the bathroom but I'll definitely be using this again.
Another win!

As with most of my web-browsing the monster has been looking over my shoulder a lot and has gotten really interested in macramé/beading/bracelet making - I've now got a whole board dedicated to jewellery, string & rope stuff and a shopping bag full of embroidery and crochet thread in every colour of the rainbow not to mention boxes of beads all over the place. We're working through some of the different type of friendship bracelets together - no pics of these, they generally get taken to school and gifted to the monsters friends almost as fast as we can churn them out, but its keeping the monster busy. I'm stunned at how dextrous her little fingers are getting - she's a braiding whiz!

Quiet mum & daughter time creating stuff - yet another win!

There's a few other bits and pieces that I've tried over the last few weeks but most of them are just common sense or practical, boring, cleaning type things that I just needed a gentle reminder about to go and try again so I won't share them all now. There are still quite a few more things on my "To do list" pinterest board so as I get to them I'm sure I'll be writing more about them.

Have fun and beware the addictive nature of Pinterest! :)


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