Friday, 7 June 2013

I want your pants

Pants - image taken from Harris Scarfe website
 Keep your clothes on! I don't want the ones you're wearing right now!

With winter approaching fast if you've pulled out your winter wardrobe and discovered that some of your well loved denim jeans, skirts or jackets don't fit as well as they used to or have reached the end of their useful life STOP! Don't bin them - send them my way! I'd be happy to take them off your hands and I'm even happy to pay for the postage (within Aus) if you're not local so there's no cost to you.

You might even see you favourite old jeans made into something new right here on the blog.

Leave a comment or contact me personally and I'll be in touch to arrange collection or postage.




  1. K, I'd give you my pants but it's winter down here.... I need them! I'm loving your work. Maybe now that I have more time on my hands I might drag out the promises though. LPC.

    1. Thanks for the thought I wouldn't want you getting cold. I don't want the ones that are still useful to you, just those that are outgrown, out worn, and out styled. K