Saturday, 22 June 2013

Learning from organising

With several projects needing to be finished over the next few weeks and an almost unheard of few hours of relatively quiet spare time this evening you'd think I'd be getting  into those projects right? Wrong. I'm procrastinating again and justifying it as organising.

I did start the evening on a slightly productive note - I properly drafted up and worked out material requirements and a cut list for the show lap quilt. I now know exactly which fabrics I'm going to use, how much of each fabric and how I need to cut all the pieces to achieve the end result (for the quilt front anyway). I even have the particular fabrics here at hand all ready to make a physical start on the quilt. But instead of moving on to starting I re-folded and reorganised my entire fabric stash.

It needed to be done at some point anyway, but it probably didn't really need to be tonight. So after several hours sitting on the living room floor up to my neck in fabric I've come to some conclusions:

  1. I need to acquire fabrics less often and sew more often. 
  2. When I do go fabric shopping I should probably limit myself to only the fabric, and the volume of fabric, required to complete the project I'm working on.
  3. When I buy fabric for a specific project I need to actually make that project.
  4. I need to get back into sewing clothing - there's a lot of really lovely garment fabrics in this pile.
  5. I need to quilt more - so many varied quilting fabrics here. I really had no idea that I'd accumulated this much.
  6. I need to take more care folding my fabrics neatly when I get them so I don't need to iron quite as heavily when I decide to pull something from the stash to start a project.
  7. I need a new iron.
I haven't even started on the yarn or the bead stash yet but just looking at them I think I can pretty confidently substitute yarn/beads for fabric in those first three items on my list above.

I really do need to get stuck into some serious creating this weekend so hopefully things remain quiet and I can get some stuff done.

Until later


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