Saturday, 8 June 2013

To show or not to show?

Entries for the local show close next Friday and I'm torn. Do I enter or not? and if I do, what do I enter? I've never entered anything in a show/competition and its a bit of a scary thought but I'm up for a bit of a challenge.

Just to be clear, the entry forms need to be completed and submitted by next Friday but the actual item doesn't need to be finished and handed over until a month later.

I don't really have anything on hand at the moment that is finished and that I think is suitable to show but there are a few projects on my WIP and to-do lists that could probably be done in time.

So below are the entry classes that I've been contemplating - I wouldn't enter all of them, just tossing around ideas at the moment and seeing if any of them would actually be doable.

SEWING - CREATIVE CHALLENGE, make a wearable garment for $30 or less (receipts must be provided) originality is encouraged.
I could definitely make something for less than $30. Whether it would be suitable to enter is another matter entirely.

SEWING - RECESSION REVAMP, Update your clothes, supply a photograph of original garment before make over.  Judged on originality.
I could refashion some old items of clothing. My issue with this category is that I don't have a strong vision yet of what my entry piece would be.

I tend to lean towards clothing refashions that end up as entirely different items - would a clothing item turned into a bag for example be eligible for this category?

So many quilting ideas filling my brain at the moment - art quilts, basic patchworks, table runners, coasters, bags etc. I know how long the last quilt took me and although I'm proud of it, it was nowhere near show quality.

Could I make a show quality quilt in time? And if so what category?

I could possibly enter the knitted vest I've been working on since Christmas. If I actually put in the effort I could have that done in time. I'm really iffy on this option because the vest is pretty plain and simple, I don't know that it would stand up in comparison to some of the fabulous knitted works I've seen displayed at previous years shows.  

BAGS, evening/shoulder, any medium, any size
I don't recall seeing bag entries displayed in previous years so I'm not sure what the competition would be like. I have a couple of options for entry though.

I really want to have a go at recreating some of the gorgeous Bodhi hanbags SS09 collection. If I could pull it off, one of these would definitely be entry material and would fit into the category without any problem, but I'd need to actually pull it off first.

The other more practical option in this category (for me anyway) would be a laptop bag. I replaced my laptop a few weeks ago and sadly it doesn't fit in the old bag. I haven't found an appropriately sized, commercially produced bag that I really like so I was planning on making a custom bag for it over the next few days anyway.. but I'm not sure if a laptop bag really fits into that category - I'm planning a shoulder strap, but would it be considered a shoulder bag?

After all that I'm even less sure about whether I should enter or not. So many options, so little time....

Wow! Monster post with no pics! Are you still here reading?  Sorry about that. Sometimes I think this blog is turning into a diary more than anything else but writing things really does help me get my thoughts into some sort of logical order so as long as you're happy to go along with it all well and good.

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  1. I like the idea of you entering the knitted vest, as I feel it may be simple but the material used makes it look defferent. The laptop bag could also be a winner, as I'm sure you could do a good one. mum