Friday, 19 May 2017

Week 20.2 - Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along

Continuing the assembly series - this is the second of 3 catch up posts.

Top and Bottom Section Assembly (from Week 19)

Week 19 was the start of actual sewing to put the quilt together.

A silly mistake

I was so excited to get to this part and get sewing, but when I pulled out all my completed blocks, I found several of them to be looking a little dingy. Sweaty hands + white fabric + embroidery hoop = not quite white fabric. It was irritating me. It was then that I made made a decision that I'm now seriously regretting...   I tried hand washing the unfinished blocks and of course some of the colours ran!
Wiseman's bird with reddish halo from the thread colours that have run.

Toby with some extra "shading and shadows" thanks to colour runs.
I've learnt my lesson. I'll use exclusively DMC embroidery thread from now on (only the non-DMC ones ran) and don't wash without colour catcher sheets in there (even hand washing).

Frustrated but still keen to move on to assembly I've left them as-is for now and pressed on. Hopefully a good wash once the quilt is finished and bound, with several colour catcher sheets in with it, will sort it out. It will be fabulous if that does work but as this is neither a gift or a show quilt I'll still enjoy the end product even if it doesn't.

So anyway... moving on...

Lets get sewing

Assembling the top and bottom sections of the quilt were the focus of this week.

For the top section I took the finished and trimmed to size embroidery block for Sarah, the Worm, a Goblin, Wiseman & his hat and Toby and added sashing to each as per the assembly instructions.

Sarah with sashing
The Worm with sashing
Goblin with sashing
Wiseman with sashing
(if you look close you can see where the colours have run :()
Toby with sashing
(again the colour runs can be seen if you look for it)

Once the sashing has been added to each of the blocks, they can be joined to make the top section.

Labyrinth Quilt #1 - top section

Construction of the bottom section is similar. Sashing is added to the individual blocks for Hoggle, Helping Hands, False Alarms, Junk Lady and Ludo.

Hoggle with sashing
Helping Hands with sashing
False Alarm with sashing
Junk Lady with sashing
Ludo with sashing
Once the sashing has been added Helping Hands, False alarms and Junk lady are joined and an additional strip of sashing added.
3x bottom section blocks joined with additional sashing

Finally, Hoggle and Ludo are added to either end making up the bottom section of the quilt.

Labyrinth Quilt #1 - Bottom section
It really feels like I'm making a quilt now rather than just making lots of individual blocks!

Up next... side sections from Week 20.

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