Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Week 21 - Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along

We're finally here! We've made it to the very centre of the Labyrinth and final week of official event patterns.

Of course the only way to finish off a 'Goblin King' event is to feature the Goblin King himself, Jareth, played in the movie by the late, great, David Bowie.

Character of the week

This week I'm straying a little bit from my usual 2x versions of embroidered blocks.

I had the opportunity to test Michelle Thompson's amazing paper pieced pattern. Michelle always does amazing portrait faces, and her pattern for Jareth is no exception. I had a great time putting this one together and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Week 21 - Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along
Paper-pieced Pattern my Michelle Thompson, stitched by me.
I did also do an embroidered version of Jareth. The embroidery for this week was designed by Jennifer Ofenstein and also turned out fabulously. Unfortunately my phone camera really doesn't pick out the lighter blonde and skin-tone colours on white fabric very well.

Week 21 - Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along
Embroidery design by Jennifer Ofenstein, stitched by me
As the centre-piece of the event and the eventual quilt, the pattern for Jareth is designed to fit a 12 inch finished square (12.5 inches unfinished). If you are embroidering, make sure you cut a larger square of background fabric and trim to size once you are done stitching.

Both the paper-pieced and embroidery patterns are available to download now from

Quilt Assembly - Centre section and final assembly

As well as the patterns for Jareth, this week on you will also find the assembly instructions for the centre panel of the quilt as well as the final layout and borders.

The centre panel of the layout of course focuses on Jareth, but he is not the only character that still needs to be included in the quilt. We also need to sash and join the two door knockers, humongous and three goblins.

Centre-section assembled
Once the centre section is assembled, we have everything ready to finish the quilt top. Join the left and right side sections to the centre section, and then add the top and bottom sections.

#Labyrinth Quilt 1 - all character sections assembled
By this stage it looks very much like a finished quilt, and I guess it could be left there if you really wanted to; but I wanted to finish this one off exactly as per the pattern instructions. That simply means adding inner and outer borders around the joined panels.

And here  it is .... TADA!! The finished quilt top

Designed by various fabulous designers, stitched and assembled by me
from patterns and instructions available on

I adore how this has turned out. it's so much better than I had expected.

So yeah, I've got a finished quilt top, but we're still not quite ready to let the Labyrinth go just yet. Stay tuned next week for the additional designs from the design invitational.

Until next time.


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