Thursday, 9 March 2017

Block 2: NQC Quilt Block Challenge

The third block pattern in the NQC Quilt Block Challenge is just about to be released and already I feel like I'm falling behind.

I finished Block 1 relatively quickly so I thought I'd use up some of my left over Christmas fabrics and get a head start on this years festive season sewing. I decided to make a second, christmassy version of the block and make a quilt which I'll eventually either gift or donate at the end of the year

Such a silly idea! The week 2 block pattern came out and I used the Christmas fabric for practice. Since then I've not found the motivation to get stuck in and make the block with my original fabrics.

So this week I'm just sharing the pics of my Christmas-themed blocks for week 1 & 2.

NQC Quilt Block Challenge - Block 1 Christmas theme

NQC Quilt Block Challenge - Block 2 Christmas theme
The Block 3 pattern is released in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I WILL get myself motivated this weekend and do a blue/grey/yellow version of Block 2 as well as both Christmas, and non-Christmas versions of the new block.

Must get motivated.

Until next time.


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