Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Week 13 - Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along

"I have sworn with my life's blood, none shall pass this way without my permission!" 

I'm not sure how I feel about Sir Didymus; on one hand he's adorable and heroic but on the other he's irritating as all heck! I guess the same could be said about most terriers I know.

Sir Didymus is of course this week's feature in the Fandom in Stitches Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along. He's also another of my very own embroidery designs.

As always there is a paper pieced or embroidery pattern to choose from. This week the paper pieced pattern was again designed by Angela Gross. Both patterns are available to download now from Fandom in Stitches.

The design on this week's embroidery pattern came together quite quickly, unfortunately I can't say the same for the actual stitching. They came together in the end, but it felt like it took forever to stitch my two samples of this design.

The mono version on lilac fabric turned out OK, although I made a tiny alteration to the design around his shoulder after stitching this piece.

Week 13: Sir Didymus - mono version
Embroidery pattern by me (stitched by me)
for the Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along

I found that my colour version on white fabric did not have enough colour using just the outline. I ended up varying the stitches on some parts, using stem stitch and multiple rows of chain stitches to get some more definition and colour into the work.

Looking at him now as I'm writing this, I think I might put this piece back in the hoop and add more brown/orange to his tail and whiskers - the thread colour I used for those is just a bit too close to white for my liking.

Week 13: Sir Didymus - colour version
Embroidery pattern by me (stitched by me)
for the Goblin King: Labyrinth Quilt and Stitch Along

We're getting closer and closer to the end of this project now. I'll be sad to see the end of it because I've been having so much fun over the last few months designing, stitching and writing. I'll have to start thinking abut what the next project might be.

Until next time.


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